Older People Deserve Wonderful Life

Ontario Gerontology Association is a group that helps older people lead a better life. We advocate the most vulnerable elderly must be a prime concern. We share wonderful ideas here and assist with each other. Therefore, more and more people join us.



Newcomers are vitally important for filling gaps in our workforce created by an aging population.

But newcomers often experience delays in finding work matched to their skills and this creates difficulties for them and their families. And it generates costs for the labor market and the economy.

As a modest effort to help remedy this difficulty, the OGA in partnership with the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario, and United Senior Citizens of Ontario and a few settlement organizations, are providing older adults with relevant work experience to mentor newcomers. The weekly mentoring will focus on areas required by the newcomer whether workplace language skills, specific professional/occupational skills or understanding of workplace culture and living style.

This modest-sized project is being carried out with support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program of the Federal Government. Further information will be posted as the project proceeds.


The OGA, as part of its mission, works towards informing the public and the political parties of the important needs of older people. To help all parties and all candidates in the October election understand the priorities of older people, the OGA joined with 9 other seniors organizations, which together represent more than a million seniors, to …