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OGA's Objective

The OGA works to improve the quality of life of all older adults in Ontario. We recognize that the most vulnerable elderly must be a prime concern in our advocacy. At the same time, the OGA is aware that a large percentage of older people are healthy, active and independent. As a result, our focus is on Positive Aging,  Aging at Home, and Age Friendly Communities which contribute to independent living.

33rd Annual OGA Conference

One of the OGA’s major initiatives is its annual conference. The OGA conference has acquired a reputation for very strong programs that bring together people from all parts of the field of Aging and increasingly, older adults.


The 33rd Annual 2014 Conference will be Held at the International Plaza Hotel (formerly the Doubletree by Hilton Toronto Airport) 655 Dixon Road, Toronto April 9th and 10th, 2014.

Hosted in Partnership with the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario


Did you know...

To keep in touch with developments in the field of aging, you are invited to read our blog by clicking here www.gerontario.blogspot.com


 Newcomers are vitally important for filling gaps in our workforce created by an aging population.

But newcomers often experience delays in finding work matched to their skills and this creates difficulties for them and their families. And it generates costs for the labour market and the economy.

As a modest effort to help remedy this difficulty, the OGA in partnership with the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario, and United Senior Citizens of Ontario and a few settlement organizations, are providing older adults with relevant work experience to mentor newcomers. The weekly mentoring will focus on areas required by the newcomer whether workplace language skills, specific professional/occupational skills or understanding of workplace culture and living style.

This modest sized project is being carried out with support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program of the Federal Government. Further information will be posted as the project proceeds.


The OGA, as part of its mission, works towards informing the public and the political parties of the important needs of older people. To help all parties and all candidates in the October election understand the priorities of older people, the OGA joined with 9 other seniors organizations, which together represent more than a million seniors, to develop, on a consensus basis, a set of priorities.

 To see the Priorities document developed by the consortium of 10 organizations, click here.

In meetings with the Political Parties and in our Priorities paper developed with our partners, the OGA has proposed a number of ideas to improve the quality of life of older people. These ideas are important to all Ontarians; because of the important contributions seniors make every day in Ontario.
 We are pleased that those ideas are getting picked up as part of the political debates leading up to the next election. It is important for Ontario to have an Active Aging Strategy and initiatives to help older people remain at home. We hope that all of the political parties will endorse our proposals, which will make Ontario the best place to grow older.


Thoughts on Positive Aging

"you have to stay interested in things. ,,,There's so many things I want to know more about that I'll never live long enough to do. But its something to reach for. I have friends ...they say :oh, I don't care about that;I'm too old for that" They make old age a bete noire, this beast that hangs over their heads. Instead of saying "Hey, let's go".

Betty White, Actress, Age 89
Globe & Mail, May 21, 2011


What's New


The Ontario Gerontology Association (OGA) in conjunction with other seniors' groups is proposing an EXERCISE TAX CREDIT FOR SENIORS. The Program's proposed name would be the Government of Ontario Fitness Incentive Tax credit program or GO FIT.

Better Care Faster wants to hear from Ontarions on Health Care


The end of mandatory retirement and an increase in healthier living has resulted in more seniors in the workplace. As a result, many workplaces now have FOUR generations in their workforce. Each generation has different values and priorities resulting in some real challenges for employers. The OGA began providing assistance to employers with a professional development session for the Peel Region and will be offering additional assistance to employers with an aging workforce. If you would like to inquire about assistance for your workplace, please contact the OGA at info@gerontario.org or call 416/535-6034.

OGA - Ontario Gerontology Association
04 October 2013

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